Month: February 2021

Compelling Conflict Resolutions that Successful Couples Use to Fight Fair

Healthy couples fight for resolution.  Unhealthy couples fight for personal victory.  Healthy couples fight with respect for each other, with both people working toward a solution they can agree on. Every couple has disagreements and fights.  It isn’t if a conflict will arise, but when.  Arming yourselves with healthy conflict resolution skills along with a […]

4 Spiritual Practices of Lent – Part 2

There are some spiritual practices that Christians implement during the season of Lent to help break bad habits and attitudes, returning us to a healthy path of right living for God.  These practices also help us focus on loving God and other people. Here are some practices during the 40 days of Lent:             1. […]

The Sensual Wife – Part 1

Do you ever struggle with being a sensual wife, a passionate lover who enjoys sex with her husband, and being a godly woman?  If you have, you are not alone. We all walk into marriage with different expectations and voices that have told us what sex should be.  We are sent messages from media that […]