Author: LeannSeale

Joy & Gratitude

Gratitude illuminates our blessings, creating joy, peace, and hope in our hearts.  We are now in the month of November, and as we head toward Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of gratitude and counting blessings – in all circumstances.  Even during the most difficult trials of life, we can always find blessings.  When my heart is sad […]

Pilgrim Hat Treats

Looking for a fun project and a delicious treat to make with your children or grandchildren this week?  Chocolate Pilgrim Hats are a family favorite and a Thanksgiving tradition.  It’s simple, with just five items needed to put these cute treats together.   Ingredients:  One package of shortbread cookies (they are striped with a chocolate […]

Off the Record (An Interview with a Young Man who Battled Depression)

Have you struggled to understand what your child is thinking and feeling as they battle depression and how you may help?  Maybe there is a clear reason that triggered the depression – a tragic life event or the loss of a loved one.  But more than likely, you are playing over and over in your […]

Eye-Opening Insights for Recognizing Depression & Anxiety in Millennials

Gripping fear, feelings of helplessness, living on edge, nightmares stealing sleep, and frustration – are the realities of a parent struggling to help their child battle anxiety, depression, and potential suicide.   Many parents are asking, how did we miss the signs?  The reclusive nature and moodiness of teens, causes parents to often dismiss behavior or […]

Extraordinary Courage for Today

COURAGE has become increasingly necessary as individuals choose to stand their ground and fight for the freedoms our country was founded on, knowing there will be a price to pay. Earnest Hemingway said, “Courage is grace under pressure.” Merriam-Webster defines Courage as, “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous; mental […]

Standing on FAITH that Crushes Fear (Part 1)

When I stand back to gain some perspective, I find something the world can’t give.  It is a confidence from knowing Truth, as I read God’s Word.  It is peace that transcends all understanding.  Today people are intolerant of those with opposing views, and increasingly hostile toward those who hold ethical and spiritual values.  There […]

FAITH vs. Fear

I’ve been asked, “Is it possible to have faith AND live in fear?”  Maybe you’ve asked the same question?  Fear and faith are opposites.  I’ve heard it said that they cannot coexist in your heart at the same time.  Yet battling fear is something we all deal with. Quickly, I’m sure you can count five […]