Simple, yet Brilliant Life Hacks for Summer & Anytime!

Today I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that are simple, yet brilliant.  These “life hacks” will make your day to day run more efficiently. 

According to Wikipedia, “A life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.” 

Yes, please!

One of my favorite parts of a Women’s Retreat or a get-away with the girls is learning from one another.  I always return home with new tips, ideas, and enthusiasm for making life better or easier.  I hope you enjoy these:

  •  Aluminum Trays Keep Fruit and Salads Cold & Fresh – Summertime Hack! Does your fruit get warm or your salad become soggy from the heat? Keep those watermelon slices cold with two aluminum trays. Fill one about halfway or about an inch deep with water and place it in the freezer. When it’s frozen, place the fruit or salad tray on top of the iced tray. Your food will stay fresh, cold, and never soggy! Yes, please!
  • Use Herbs and Essential Oils to repel mosquitos! Did you know that strong smells like peppermint, mint, rosemary, lavender, and basil cause mosquitos to flee. Instead of smelling like bug spray, try dabbing on some essential oils, or place bouquets of herbs around your table, yard, or kitchen to create refreshing aromas that please humans and repel bugs!
  • “Towel Tuesday” – Do you ever wonder, “When was the last time I washed the towels?”  If you plan to wash at least every “Towel Tuesday,” they’ll stay fresh and clean.
  • Color Code Your Kids & Their Stuff – Not sure which water bottle, lunch bag, or item belongs to which of your kids?  Let each child choose their favorite color, then simply use a Sharpie to write their name on their items in their color. It works for their stuff too.  For example, my boys had backpacks in their favorite color.  Need to organize schedules?  Write each child’s name in their ink color on your calendar, or use a dry erase marker on a white board to keep their daily schedules in color and clear view.
  • Never Run Out of Gas – Always fill up at a quarter tank.  If you decide this is your “empty” you’ll never run out.
  • Scented Candles Create “Home” – Scents remind us of Christmas, the mountains or ocean, and elicit special memories.  Whether cinnamon or another favorite, light a scented candle in your home as your children arrive home from school or your husband arrives home from work.  This sense of smell will trigger the feeling of the safe haven of home.
  • “Water Wednesdays” – To remember to water your house plants or outdoor potted flowers at least once a week, remind yourself with “Water Wednesdays.”  At least once a week the watering will be on your radar, and it will help remind you of the last time you’ve done it.
  • Eat Veggies Before Dinner – Ever have trouble getting your family to eat their vegetables?  Spend a few minutes before prepping dinner to make a vegetable platter with ranch dressing.  When the cooking begins and the question of “When will dinner be ready?” inevitably gets asked, just point them to the veggies as a pre-dinner snack while they wait.  If they fill up on carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli, peppers or radishes – all the better!  At dinner you don’t need to be as concerned with everyone eating their veggies, and they feel like they’ve gotten away with something – a dip and veggie before dinner snack!
  • Creative Veggies – If you don’t want to spend time on a veggie platter before dinner, try different veggie shapes that are sure to intrigue your kids/grandkids.  Peel a whole carrot, then slice into quarter, nickel, and penny sized slices.  The little round “carrot coins” on their plates will delight them.  For broccoli, cut into tiny “green trees” and place on the plate as a little forest.  It is amazing how kids will eat veggies when they look fun and friendly.
  • Spot My Luggage – When traveling, luggage can all look the same.  To spot yours from the crowd on an airport carousels, train or bus, simply tie a ribbon to your handle.  Make it bright red, pink, a checkered print, or maybe a unique design to you.  It will stand out and make retrieving your luggage a snap.

  • Keep Clothing & Linens Smelling Clean – Place a dryer sheet between stored sweaters, towels, linens or other clothing for a fresh, clean scent.  Dryer sheets in luggage while traveling also keeps clothing fresh.
  • To Keep Buttons From Falling Off – Brush clear nail polish over the threads.
  • Fresh Smelling Garbage Disposal – Place small pieces of lemon or orange peel down the sink, run cool water and turn on your disposal for 5-10 seconds.  The citrus oils will eliminate odor and create a fresh scent.

  • Pot Boiling Over? – Place a wooden spoon across the top of your pot.  As the bubbles boil up, the spoon pops them eliminating for a boil over.

  • Sleep Well the First Night Away – Whether on a retreat or a family vacation, the first night in a new place, adjusting to noise, climate, or a new bed can give you a rough night’s sleep.  Take two Advil PMs or a Unisom sleep gel, and wake up feeling rested, bright eyed, and ready for the day.
  • Shower Head Spraying in All Directions? – Place some white distilled vinegar in a plastic bag and rubber band it over your shower head.  Leave on overnight and the calcium deposits will disappear.  Use a damp cloth to wipe clean afterward.
  • Weight Loss Hack – Decreasing your calorie intake?  Try eating a bowl of vegetable soup before your smaller meal.  The fiber helps you to feel full, yet is low calorie and metabolizes quickly.  To jump start your metabolism in the morning, squeeze lemon juice (About 1 TBSP) into warm/hot water and sip before eating or drinking anything else.

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