Brilliant Life Hacks

Life hacks are clever tips, techniques, or shortcuts that make tasks easier. They are often simple, yet brilliant. You can also think of them as creative, improvised solutions to common problems. 

One of my favorite parts of a Women’s Retreat or a get-away with the girls is learning from one another. I always return home with new tips, ideas, and enthusiasm for making life more efficient. 

I hope you enjoy these:

1.  Hang-dried clothes feeling stiff?  Soften clothes quickly by placing a damp wash cloth in the dryer with either dryer balls or a dryer sheet for about 5-10 minutes.  

2. Do your necklaces get tangled while traveling?  Avoid the knots by placing each necklace in a paper straw.  Unclasp the necklace, thread it through the straw, refasten.

3. Clothes a bit wrinkled?  Throw in a damp towel and dry for 10 minutes.  The heat and moisture help the wrinkles fall out.

4. Collected seashells smell like the ocean? Disinfect them by soaking in a glass bowl or sink with a 1:5 ratio of bleach and water. Soak at least an hour or over-night.  Rinse with water, lay flat to dry out. 

5. Do your earrings tend to get lost during a trip?  Use an old business card to poke earring posts through to keep pairs together.  Or use a small mint tin for storing rings or earrings for safe keeping. (You may want to line the tin with tissue or cotton make up remover pads to avoid clanking).

6. Is candle wax stuck in a votive or glass jar? Remove wax from a glass container by placing it in the freezer for about 30 min.  Use a butter knife to help pop the wax right out. 

7. Having trouble opening a tight jar?  Use the handle part of a butter knife and tap the rim of the jar lid a few times.  It should open with ease.

8. Need to hide your cash?  Stash cash in a cleaned out lip protector tube.

9. Don’t want food splat or your cheesy lasagna sticking to the damp paper towel while microwaving? Place tooth picks in 2-3 places in your food, then drape the damp paper towel over the top.  Food is steamed up, without a mess or food sticking.

10. Have a difficult time getting a key on or off a metal key ring?  Use a staple remover, placing the “claw” between the metal rings enabling them to remain open.  Add or remove your key with ease.

11. Someone sick in your house and you don’t want them “germing up” the TV remote control? Or are you eating buttery popcorn and don’t want the remote greasy?  Wrap it in plastic wrap, run a blow dryer over it for a few seconds.  Buttons work, and they are shielded from germs & greasy fingers.

12. Enjoy iced coffee, but don’t like it watered down?  Pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze. Use the frozen cubes to create your chilled coffee.

13 Need nail polish to dry quickly?  Paint nails, then place tips of fingers in ice water for a few seconds.  Nails will be dry to the touch.

14. Need to remove paint from your hands?  Vegetable oil on a paper towel will remove paint from your skin.

15 Tools become rusty?  Place in white distilled vinegar over night.  Take a brush to release any remaining rust.  Then rub dry with a clean towel. Good as new!

16 Have trouble with clear packing tape getting stuck?  Place a paperclip on the edge for easy use.

17. Face puffy from eating out or a late night?  Place your face in a bowl of ice water for up to five minutes.  Its torture, but it reduces swelling and causes blood to circulate quickly.  Try counting to 20 while in the water. Take a break and repeat.

What is one life hack that you find helpful?  Please share any tips or tricks in the comments below.  I’d love to learn from you!

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      Awesome,Kayla! I plan to use that little trick this week when we head out of town too. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

    1. LeannSeale Post author

      I love that one too, especially at the beach. Thank you for reading, Tracy 🙂

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