Month: January 2021

Mini Retreat

Do you ever feel the need to escape, regroup, get it together, push the reset button, straighten out one or all of your kids, and put your priorities in order? When I feel overwhelmed, I take a mini-retreat. It hasn’t been an annual event, but a practice I’ve engaged in for years whenever I need […]

Simple Joys

“A joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, inspiration, and faith.” – Brene Brown Often the smallest, simple things bring the greatest joys. The pitter-pat of rain drops, sunshine glistening on water like diamonds, laughter that makes your face hurt, comfort foods, friends who understand you, warm hugs, […]

Overcoming Fear

Fear, anger, anxiety, hatred, division, frustration, isolation, distrust, and hopelessness are perpetuated by the atmosphere surrounding us. If I focus on all of the reasons that cause me to fear, I become stuck – as though sinking in a swamp of thick mud, heavy and oppressed.  My energy evaporates and my usually optimistic outlook grows […]